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OG Ocean is  a food delivery company that provides Delicious foods partnering with approximately 300 restaurants and foodservice operators to help their businesses succeed. We provide our customers Delicious food offering with great offers.

At this time we are only available in Gorakhpur.

Food Delivery in Gorakhpur, today every one choice to get food near me , that’s why we develop our website in such a manner, which automatically detects your location and show the list of restaurants or food near me.

Select your favourite dishes among the wide range of foods category and we provide your free delivery in Gorakhpur. Order within few minutes. No minimum order restrictions! Order upon your requirement as you’d like.

Nowday’s OG Ocean is becoming more popular platform to order food in gorakhpur, due to it’s free delivery service and amazing offers, we deeply get love and support from consumers.

Fast Delivery

We develop a innovative technology website to deliver fast service and live order tracking, for better consumer satisfaction. We offer no restrictions on order amount, all while having the pleasure of enjoying your favorite meal wherever you’d like it.


We deliver safe, cost effective, high quality products that protect consumer’s well-being and our customer’s integrity. Our Quality Assurance and Food Safety program is a continuously evolving prevention-based combination of product standards, expert personnel, stringent evaluation programs, and traceable, organized communication throughout the supply chain.